The Sierra de Atapuerca Sites were declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.

They turn out to be one of the most important in the world as remains and evidence of the presence of up to five different hominid species have been found.

It is possible to visit both the Sites and the CAREX (Center for Experimental Archeology), always with a prior reservation so that we can help you find and recommend the best option.

The visit to the sites is done by bus with a guide, the transfers lasting approximately one hour, depending on the departure point (CAREX in Atapuerca or CAYAC in Ibeas de Juarros) . You will visit the “Railroad Trench” visiting the different sites that are found there and they will explain in a pleasant way how they were found, what they have discovered, how they work and investigate, etc.

The visit to the CAREX or Archaeological Park, in the town of Atapuerca, lasts one hour and in it a guide will explain the different phases of human evolution while you take a tour through of different reproductions of prehistoric environments. You will see different techniques of carving stone, painting, hunting or making fire and you will be able to practice some of them.

Both experiences can be complemented with a visit to the two visitor reception centers (CAREX and CAYAC) and the Museum of Human Evolution (MEH) in Burgos, where they are located. some of the original fossils found. Keep in mind that the MEH is large and visiting it in depth takes time. It also has guided tours, temporary exhibitions and a wide program of activities and workshops.

We help you plan so that you can make the best use of your time according to your preferences.