Las Lagunas or “the wetlands” of Atapuerca, are located next to the town of Atapuerca, and can be accessed from the town itself.

They are an important nesting area and passage of birds and have two observatories, being possible to travel their entire perimeter in a circular route of about 4.5 km starting from the town itself.

Artificially created by renaturation of the area called Prado Laguna, a humid area clogged and dried up by agricultural and livestock use, the project is carried out with hardly any use of artificial materials, taking advantage of the clay soil to build the dikes and also associated with a wastewater treatment system using aquatic plants.

Our accommodations are part of the TRINO Tourism and Ornithology project. We can advise you on the best times and places to observe.

If you want to enjoy this place, don’t forget your binoculars and a bird guide.