Our houses for full rental, for groups are large, 10-12-14 places etc. Two of them are in the same town of Atapuerca.

At the moment we are limited to a maximum capacity of 6 places of non-cohabitants for each house

Ask us the prices adapted to those partial uses of the houses

We can provide you with information on open activities and interesting routes in the area

We also have information about the closest restaurants with food delivery service or pick up, everything in our area, from rotten pot to roast lamb or even homemade pizza

Our towns are very small and quiet, no more than 80 inhabitants so social distance is more than assured

We remember that at the moment they can only be clients from Castilla y Leon

We remember that the curfew in our area is from 10pm to 6am

We provide any type of information without obligation

Thank you very much for helping us endure