Burgos is one of the richest provinces in terms of geography, nature, fauna, culture, ethnography, etc. in Spain.

In fact it is almost a small concentrated Iberian peninsula, if it weren’t for the sea …

If you visit us, we can recommend the routes that best suit your tastes, from routes of Romanesque art, hiking or bicycle routes, routes to visit semi-abandoned villages or beautiful medieval villages. In addition, we will not be able to forget the main attractions that we have at the very door of the house, no less than 3 world heritage sites: Camino de Santiago, Atapuerca deposits and Burgos cathedral.

We have plains, mountains – Sierra de la Demanda -, valleys, canyons – Ebro Canyon- , waterfalls, fantastic forests – Dehesa de Quintanapalla -, lagoons – Humedales de Atapuerca – , wide fields, do you like mushrooms? Ancestral paths such as the Camino de Santiago or Roman roads or greenways – Greenway of the Sierra de la Demanda mining railway -, gastronomic routes, Burgos Cathedral , archeology – Atapuerca deposits -, a city & nbsp; Very interesting Burgos , quiet and unpopulated areas, authentic towns: Frias, Oña, Poza de la Sal, Orbaneja del Castillo, Atapuerca , etc, & nbsp; etc, & nbsp; etc… .. & nbsp; right here, next to home. & nbsp;