A visit to the reserve of prehistoric animals of the Living Paleolithic, in the middle of nature and 20 km from Burgos, is almost obligatory.

It was created with the aim of conserving unique and endangered animal species.

You will be able to observe part of the fauna that existed in these places in prehistory (Bison, aurochs, Przewalski horses and tarpans …) in a 4×4 safari in which, in addition to getting closer to these animals until you almost touch them, you will discover what the landscape was like and how humans should have lived at that time.

It is located in Salgüero de Juarros, just 20 minutes from any of our accommodations and you will need a prior reservation, which we can provide.

The experience lasts about 2 hours and both young and old will love it.

Paleolithic Vivo has obtained numerous recognitions for its work both in the protection and recovery of different species, as well as for its contribution to the revitalization of the rural world and as the best tourist initiative in Castilla y León.

You shouldn’t miss it.